On hiatus

Over the next eight weeks (at least in the U.S.), we’ll careen wildly from one overwrought celebration to another. From a holiday where we decorate with fresh, healthy vegetables but celebrate with cheap processed candy (while leaving the vegetables to rot in the landfill) to a holiday where we throw away the equivalent of fourteen million turkeys to a holiday predicated entirely upon excessive spending, consumption, packaging and waste, the next two months are a difficult and challenging time of year for many people – including us.

And thus Finding Quiet Farm is on hiatus for the rest of 2019, though we’ll stay busy. We’re going to bundle up, hunker down and get to work on all sorts of interesting tasks, both indoors and out. We’ll be back in the new year with farm updates, lots of book recommendations, and photos of all our projects. We’ll be quiet and productive and we’ll skip the holidays entirely, thanks very much.

Take good care of yourselves, friends, and cook something tasty and nourishing. We hope to see you back here in 2020.

12 thoughts on “On hiatus

  1. Have a safe and peaceful season!
    We have lots of soups, stews in our future, and as always, fresh homemade breads. We stocked up on
    Anasazi, and Bolita dried beans from the bulk bins at Heine’s market. Pantry is full, freezer full, let it snow!


    • Jim, your pantry sounds perfect for winter! We’re stocked up here too and got our first substantial snow today – we’ll enjoy hot soup and fresh bread for supper tonight! Stay warm and safe and thanks for reading.


  2. I totally agree with what you are saying. Although our over-indulgence and over-consumption is not just during the holidays – but it is worse then. I also have a problem with the guilt that comes with decisions as to which part of the family you need to be with….. Anyway, I am always happier after the new year starts again. We can all do our part by making the holidays a time for celebration of a year gone well with people close to us when the time is right and without the need to over buy food and “things”. We’ve all forgotten the purpose of the holidays.


    • Kathy, I adore January too! I love everything about the start of a fresh new year. These next two months are always the hardest time for me but I’m glad to have January to look forward to. Thank you for reading!


  3. I must be weird… I’ve used the same decorations for 10 years. If I get a pumpkin it’s small and used for Pumpkin & Lentils. (freezes well) And when it comes to turkey there’s leftovers, turkey pot pie, and a few gallons of turkey soup. Never the less, have a Great end of the year!!


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