Meet the team

In an unexpected turn of events, five alpacas and one llama have joined us. We’re excited to present the newest members of the Quiet Farm team!

Alpaca Paris 01 sml


Alpaca Pahia 01 sml


Alpaca Kona 01 sml


Alpaca Fiji 03 sml


Llama Kingston 01 sml


Alpaca Adelaide 01 sml


Alpacas 01 sml

Yes, they most definitely should be sheared. But since they’re basically feral, we all need some time to get to know each other before we tackle personal grooming. Never a dull moment here at Quiet Farm.

P.S. They’re named for places N and I have lived – three locations each.


18 thoughts on “Meet the team

      • It’s an interesting process, that is for sure. Sheep are held, but alpacas and llamas are usually stretched out on their sides, tied down, and then rolled. Add to that the fact that yours are feral and it will definitely be an interesting situation.


      • We have done some research and watched videos and it’s certainly different from shearing sheep! Each spring traveling shearers come to this area and do a whole bunch of animals, but we’d need to have ours halter-trained in order to get them done. We definitely have a challenge ahead of us!

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  1. I love them! They have such sweet faces! I knew the names were locations but didn’t make the connection to places you have lived, I love it. Welcome to the team!


    • A neighbor decided to downsize their herd, so we offered to relocate the animals to our pasture. We moved them less than half a mile, but it still required six people and a livestock trailer. It was quite the operation!


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