Lost in translation, vol. 2

What’s more fun when traveling than searching out funny signs? (As always, this is gentle humor – no disrespect or mockery is intended.)


Dear New Zealand: this could perhaps be rephrased.


Maybe try it in a fourth language?


If only they came together in one handy product.


A helpful tip on a menu in India. Don’t talk to strangers, ever.

IMG_20170321_165018105 (1)

Those crazy tourists in Vietnam! They always want to recycle!


And right next to the recycling bins shown above, you’ll find this.

(As with India, this is what Vietnam actually looks like. Pretty sure it’s not just the tourists’ fault.)




Notice #9…this sign was in a temple. So definitely watch out for muggers there. Muggers love temples.


Again, temples are very dangerous places.

Funniest thing about these two signs? We were actually very politely mugged in a temple in Vietnam. A “monk” approached us and escorted us on a “secret” tour to a “hidden” altar not open to “regular” tourists (all in broken English, obviously). We were given an “honored blessing,” at which point he demanded 200,000 Vietnamese dong, or about $9. We handed him 100,000 and scampered, fully aware that we really didn’t have to pay him anything. But he was one of the few people in Vietnam who was actually (fake) nice to us, and isn’t it bad karma to skip out on a blessing? So really, please watch out for muggers in temples. We’re pretty sure he wasn’t even a monk.


Having trouble with a caption on this one.

6 thoughts on “Lost in translation, vol. 2

  1. These were so funny! Again, thank you so much for all the education you provided on your blog. I feel as though I traveled to many of these countries with you. How has this journey changed you? See you soon at your class next month. Safe Safe travels Elizabeth. Karen


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Karen. I think it will take some time before we realize just how much we learned over the last five months. Looking forward to seeing you too!


  2. I have to say, a “secret” tour to a “hidden” altar not open to “regular” tourists, and I thought I did some crazy things in Nam!!


  3. I actually have that first sign on my front door. And I love how you were “politely” mugged. These were funny. Thanks for sharing these again.


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