Farm update: February 24

Greetings! We are currently stuck in that awkward phase between winter and spring. Some days it’s all teasing warmth and perfect blue skies, and some days it’s bleak and grey with icy, biting winds. Most of our snow is gone, though we expect (and hope for) one or two more storms, at least. It’s a changeable season, but spring is definitely in the air and we’re starting to hear more songbirds and see new growth everywhere we look. Here are a few things we’ve been up to recently.

Prairie Falcon 01 sml

A prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus) in one of our towering cottonwoods.

We still haven’t captured a photo of our shy Northern harrier, seen regularly hunting mice in our pasture on sunny afternoons, but N did snap this lovely photo of a prairie falcon. The prairie falcon is about the size of a peregrine falcon, but with a much different hunting style (low swooping over the ground, rather than rapid dives). Unfortunately for the songbirds we’ve been hearing, much of the prairie falcon’s winter diet is the Western meadowlark, but we hope this one will focus more on our ground squirrel population. As with all falcons, the female is substantially larger than the male. Continue reading

Interlude: N takes the wheel

Most of the time, Finding Quiet Farm is all like this: blah blah you should cook more at home blah blah compromised food system blah blah me droning on and on about God knows what. But not today, lucky readers! We’re in transit between countries right now, so N is taking the wheel and you get to enjoy a commercial break of his absolute favorite photography subject: cars.

Old cars, new cars, rusty ones and shiny ones…he loves automobiles. And he loves taking photos of them, too. N was the photographer at a high-end dealership in Colorado before we retired; he photographed their inventory as well as their social media and print advertising campaigns. He also had the opportunity to drive amazing cars, some worryingly expensive and unacceptably fast. So behold: an extremely limited portfolio of some of his favorite photos and magazine advertisements.


2017 Audi R8.


2016 Porsche GT4.


1973 Porsche Carrera.


2016 Porsche GT3 RS.


2017 Audi R8.


1961 MGA.


1968 Triumph TR250.


2017 McLaren 540C.


2017 Audi R8.


1970s-era De Tomaso Pantera (modified).


2017 Audi TTS.


Three-image composite featuring the 2017 Audi A4 and the Denver skyline.


2017 Porsche 911 launch advertisement.


5280 Magazine advertisement featuring the 2017 Porsche 911.


High Gear Magazine advertisement featuring the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo.